Role Profile

The Role: Non-Executive Board Director (Thirteen Board)

Reports to: Chair of Thirteen Board

Role Purpose:

The overall purpose of the Non-Executive Director is to:

  • Act on behalf of the Board and in the best interests of Thirteen Group
  • Represent the organisation in an appropriate way
  • Use individual skills, expertise and experience to contribute to an effective Board
  • Scrutinise the performance of the Chief Executive and Executive Directors in meeting the Group’s strategic priorities, objectives and goals, including the integrity of financial and other information, and ensuring effective risk management
  • Comply with the statutory and regulatory requirements of a Board Director

Key Responsibilities

  • Act as an accountable director of the Board
  • Contribute to the leadership and motivation of the organisation as part of an effective Board
  • Build a constructive relationship with and between other Board Directors and with our Executive Management Team
  • Contribute to setting and directing our strategy
  • Participate in group decision-making by contributing to debate and challenging the views of others where appropriate
  • Use skills and knowledge to analyse issues presented to the Board
  • Apply specialist knowledge where appropriate to help the Board make decisions
  • Be an ambassador for and represent Thirteen Group as appropriate
  • Ensure integrity in all aspects of the Group’s activities
  • Work with the Chair to identify personal development needs
  • Comply with the Group’s policies, procedures and standing orders

Term of office / Time commitment

  • Term of office – maximum six years subject to annual performance review
  • Time commitment – 15 days per year (approx.)

Terms of Reference: Thirteen Board

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