Chair of Treasury Committee

Role: Chair of Treasury Committee

Term: Maximum of six years subject to annual review

Responsible to: Chair of Thirteen Board

Time commitment: Approx 50 hours p.a. (plus reading and travelling time)

Remuneration: £12,000 p.a.


To lead the Committee in reviewing the financial health of the Group and in ensuring effective long-term financial planning. To be an effective member of the Thirteen Group Board, to support the development and delivery of the Group’s vision and strategic objectives, accepting accountability and the concept and reality of collective responsibility.


  • Be a role model and ambassador for Thirteen, committed to Thirteen’s values and strategic objectives;
  • Act ethically and with integrity, complying with the Group’s Code of Conduct and acting at all times in the best interests of the organisation as required by the Code of Governance;
  • To review on behalf of the Group Board all decisions in respect of Group lending and borrowing, to scrutinise new lending instruments and arrangements, and to generally monitor the performance of the Group loan portfolio;
  • To protect and manage the Group’s assets and funds;
  • To report on the appropriateness of Treasury transactions including banking, cash management, debt management and treasury risk management;
  • Contribute to setting risk appetite and ensuring effective risk management;
  • To ensure that the Treasury Committee receives professional advice as appropriate, either from its senior staff or from external sources and to meet with external advisors, independently from the Executive at least once per year;
  • To report on the Committee’s activities annually to the Group and to attend any meetings of the Group or Committees as requested;
  • To report on the Treasury function’s financial reporting and internal control procedures to the Group Board;
  • Ensure that the Board considers value for money and risks (aligned to risk appetite) when making decisions;
  • Provide clear direction and focus to the Board: Chair Committee meetings to promote constructive challenge and relevant strategic discussion, ensuring appropriate time and consideration is given to issues prior to decisions being made;
  • To report on the Committee’s activities annually to the Group and Partner Boards and to attend any meetings of the Group or its Partners or Committees as requested;
  • Develop and maintain positive and supportive relationships with the Committee, the Leadership Team, Board Directors and relevant stakeholders;
  • Contribute strategically and constructively to debate and decision making;
  • Apply individual skills and experience to committee business;
  • Take responsibility for own performance and personal development;
  • Ensure attendance at, and preparation for, all meetings and events;
  • To engage in the regular appraisal of the Committee’s effectiveness and the performance and contribution of individual Committee members.

Skills and Competencies

  • Experience of Chairing and/or serving on a Treasury Committee;
  • Substantial financial experience at an executive/senior level;
  • Experience or knowledge of issues within the social housing sector, or related business areas;
  • Proven strategic leadership qualities including sound judgement and decision making;
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication, negotiation and mediation skills;
  • To deliver clear and impartial advice to the Group Board on behalf of the Committee;
  • Excellent analytical skills.

A strong understanding of:

  • Treasury activities including funding and loan agreements, tax and investment strategies and assets and liabilities register;
  • Mergers and acquisitions;
  • Social housing and its management;
  • Strategic, Business and financial planning.

An ability to:

  • Identify risks, set risk appetite and ensure effective risk management;
  • Understand and analyse complex written and numerical reports and information;
  • Consider the long-term implications and broader issues when making decisions;
  • Contribute strategically and constructively to debate and decision making while respecting the views and feelings of others;
  • Manage performance to deliver economy, effectiveness and efficiency, in the context of overall value for money.

Performance Measures

  • Annual appraisal by Chair of Thirteen Board
  • Internal and external observation and evaluation of Board and Committee

Thirteen Ethos

Thirteen expects that everyone carrying out work at or on behalf of the Group will be:

  • Considerate (in their behaviour) - valuing diversity, engaging with stakeholders, making actions count and displaying the Group values
  • Smart (in the way they do things) - focused, reliable, productive and adaptable
  • Progressive (they move things on) - high performing, commercially minded, work flexibly and collaboratively and resilient

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